tracey's life is over.

Ely got this email today from the guy he bought the incubus tickets from:


I received your payment today, but I have not cashed it yet.

I hate to tell you this, but I think I am going to have to refund your money.

I am having a bit of a problem with ticketmaster, as I ordered 4
tickets to the concert through the presale, but apparently there was a
two ticket limit. Therefore they cancelled both my orders and I am
left with no tickets.

I will offer you a full refund for your money order and the shipping
of your money order to me. I feel really bad about this, but the
concert is sold out and ticketmaster says they cannont help me.

I will send your money order back to your return address if you want,
or I can send an online transfer instantly if you would prefer. I
would like to send a few extra dollars back to you as well for the
trouble you went through to make the payment.

I really apologize for this and will make sure you get all of your
money back, plus a little extra.

If there are any other concerts, leaf games etc. in Toronto you are
interested in going to, let me know and I can get you a good deal.

Thanks for your understanding, and let me know ASAP how you would like
me to refund your money.


so as of right now, Ely and Tracey ARE NOT going to see incubus. i am so upset. you do not even know. i'm trying to rationalize it and put it into perspective, but everyday when i woke up i thought about this and how amazing it was going to be. and now it's taken away from me. i just wanted to see brandon and sing and dance and be happy. and now some stupid man who does not know how to work pre-sale screwed up for us. he deserves to perish. right now. that is all. i am off to wallow in my own self pity.


the weather was amazing today.
so naturally, me, my ipod (+ the shins) and my oversized nicole richie inspired sunglasses went for a walk.
so i'm walking along, and i hear some guy yelling at me (loud enough that i can hear it over my music) and so naturally i'm thinking i must know this person. so i look up and see a guy (probably about 22-23ish) wearing a dress shirt, dress pants, a backpack and riding a bicycle screaming at me and riding over.
we all know i am blind, so i was like, maybe i know this guy from high school or something. so i start to slow down, but not stop, and the guy rides his bike across the street and stops right in front me, therefore i have to stop.
our conversation goes something like this:

weird nerd on a bike: wow, finally a 's series.'
me: pardon? *takes off headphones*
weird nerd on a bike: i said, finally a 's series' on the road.
me: excuse me? *stares in utter confusion*
weird nerd on a bike: you know SSSSEEXXXXXXYYYYYY. *winks*
me: *huffs, pops headphones back in and carries on walking*
weird nerd on a bike: hey babe! where are you going? come back.

i just kept walking. he kept yelling for another 30 seconds or so and then i guess he gave up. i didn't bother to turn around.
now what i don't understand is, since when did any boy think that this would be helpful in picking up a girl. now weird nerd on a bike should have taken a whole other approach:

1. you are on a bike. wearing dress clothes and a backpack. nice wheels, my friend, nice wheels. oh, you might want to consider the safety factor and get a helmet...maybe some elbow pads too.

2. you are yelling at me while frantically pedalling. this is turning me

3. reciting the most confusing, nerdy and lame pick up line, while balencing on your bike. not witty. not attractive. not even remotely cool.

4. after you've been shunned, don't try yelling at me while at the same time trying to push off the curb in order to get your bicycle going. it only enhances the fact that you are the biggest nerd on the planet.

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