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27 March 2006 @ 09:16 pm
the weather was amazing today.
so naturally, me, my ipod (+ the shins) and my oversized nicole richie inspired sunglasses went for a walk.
so i'm walking along, and i hear some guy yelling at me (loud enough that i can hear it over my music) and so naturally i'm thinking i must know this person. so i look up and see a guy (probably about 22-23ish) wearing a dress shirt, dress pants, a backpack and riding a bicycle screaming at me and riding over.
we all know i am blind, so i was like, maybe i know this guy from high school or something. so i start to slow down, but not stop, and the guy rides his bike across the street and stops right in front me, therefore i have to stop.
our conversation goes something like this:

weird nerd on a bike: wow, finally a 's series.'
me: pardon? *takes off headphones*
weird nerd on a bike: i said, finally a 's series' on the road.
me: excuse me? *stares in utter confusion*
weird nerd on a bike: you know SSSSEEXXXXXXYYYYYY. *winks*
me: *huffs, pops headphones back in and carries on walking*
weird nerd on a bike: hey babe! where are you going? come back.

i just kept walking. he kept yelling for another 30 seconds or so and then i guess he gave up. i didn't bother to turn around.
now what i don't understand is, since when did any boy think that this would be helpful in picking up a girl. now weird nerd on a bike should have taken a whole other approach:

1. you are on a bike. wearing dress clothes and a backpack. nice wheels, my friend, nice wheels. oh, you might want to consider the safety factor and get a helmet...maybe some elbow pads too.

2. you are yelling at me while frantically pedalling. this is turning me on...how?

3. reciting the most confusing, nerdy and lame pick up line, while balencing on your bike. not witty. not attractive. not even remotely cool.

4. after you've been shunned, don't try yelling at me while at the same time trying to push off the curb in order to get your bicycle going. it only enhances the fact that you are the biggest nerd on the planet.

Current Mood: confusedwtf
Andreascroobiouspip on March 28th, 2006 04:04 am (UTC)
Haha, people like that really exist.
I wonder if there are 26 series of girls in the world, and if there are I wonder what a "x-series" is.